A chance encounter morphs into a mystery in Lee Chang-dong’s Burning, when a mysterious man named Ben confesses a dark secret hobby.


When Robert is attacked by three masked men, he will have to reveal a secret that will change all their lives forever.

Hotel Mumbai

Hotel Mumbai tells the harrowing true story of the 2008 Mumbai terrorists attack on the famed Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.


An undocumented mother of two is faced with her sister’s deportation and her younger son’s disappearance at the same time.


In 1970s Argentina, a series of seemingly unrelated events hit a middle-class couple’s picture perfect family all at once.

An Affair

A married PE teacher seeks out an affair with one of the students at her new school.


A detective obsessed with a decade-old murder is pulled deeply into a web of lies and intrigue fabricated by two old friends.


A young father (Steven Yeun) separated from his wife, takes drastic measures to see his newborn son, who he feels is being unfairly kept from him.


Chloe lives with her paranoid, overprotective father, who is convinced the world outside their doorstep lurks with overwhelming evils aiming to destroy them.

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