This Is Not Berlin

Best friends Carlos and Gera are introduced into the Mexican post-punk underground nightlife.


An international soccer superstar ends his career in disgrace and sets out on a cosmic odyssey in search of the source of genius.


Paris, 1979: Anne gets tangled up in the murder investigation of a serial killer who is going after the stars of the third-rate porn she produces.


An undocumented mother of two is faced with her sister’s deportation and her younger son’s disappearance at the same time.

Nocturnal Creatures

Javier’s neatly laid-out plans are upturned when a ghost from his past is suddenly standing at his front door.

The Harvesters

When Janno’s mother brings Pieter home, a dangerous fight for power, heritage and parental love will change both boys’ lives forever.

Golden Youth

A young couple move to Paris at the height of the Palace years.


Socrates, a resourceful, proud and determined a 15-year-old boy with an inspirational sense of fortitude, is living a hardscrabble life on the margins of São Paulo.

Diva & Astro

Diva and Astro follow parallel paths in real time.

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