Fashion in Film Festival

A three-day program of screenings, performances, talks and conversations that explore the intersection between fashion and cinema.

The Art of Fashion Film

Focusing on fashion film as a means of investigating the properties of both dress and cinema, this program highlights the great potential of this burgeoning form to enrich and challenge established conventions of fashion and beauty imagery.

Rapsodia Satanica

“Rapsodia Satanica” is a masterpiece of silent Italian cinema. Based on a 1915 poem by Fausto Maria Martini, it was conceived as an “opera d’arte totale”, an amalgam of all the arts of the time, including the avant-garde fashion designs of Mariano Fortuny.

The Enigma of Fashion

This program features work by early film pioneers, artists and commercial as well as avant-garde filmmakers. With an absence of, or disregard for, conventional storytelling, these films animate clothes, shop mannequins and magazine illustrations, allowing them to assume lives of their own and assert a powerful sense of their reality as material things.

The Inferno Unseen (Film) + Live Music

Henri-George Clouzot’s Inferno is one of the most tantalizing uncompleted projects in film history. The Inferno Unseen is a newly edited assemblage of rushes filmed in 1964.

Underground Glamour

This pairing of José Rodríguez-Soltero’s lavish “Lupe” and Ron Rice’s landmark psychedelic masterpiece “Chumlum” features two of the most accomplished uses of superimposition in underground film, transporting drag glamour into a profoundly hallucinatory dimension.

Choreography of Movement

This program focuses on the coming-together of dance (or, more precisely, choreographed movement), clothing and cinema, drawing attention to the unique ways in which these art forms explore, magnify and shape one another.