Paris, 1979: Anne gets tangled up in the murder investigation of a serial killer who is going after the stars of the third-rate porn she produces.


Modern master filmmaker Olivier Assayas probes the foibles of a quartet of middle-age friends caught in the throes of a fast-changing world.

Golden Youth

A young couple move to Paris at the height of the Palace years.


A skilled computer technician has a one-sided love affair with a famous actress.

The Trouble with You

A rip-roaring film full of twists and turns, The Trouble with You knows how to maintain a perfect balance between sweetness and fun.

Sorry Angel

Jacques, a solitary writer living in Paris, begins a love affair with young student Arthur.

Raymonde or the Vertical Escape

A lifetime of loneliness has begun to weigh on Raymonde, and she starts asking herself questions about the meaning of things, about God and about her tardy virginity.