An arrogant and ill-mannered basketball coach is sentenced to community service, forced to work with a team of differently-abled players.


A single mom’s world comes crashing down when she receives an urgent call from her son’s school.


Sprightly Chuskit has to fight for her dream of attending school after a horrible accident leaves her in a wheelchair.


“Cathedrals” is about a blind man who can see, and a sighted man who can’t.

The Weight of Water

Blind American athlete Erik Weihenmayer attempts to kayak the violent white water rapids of the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River.

My Daughter Yoshiko

After her daughter Yoshiko is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and her husband is deployed to overseas military service, Saki is finding life harder and harder to manage.

How I Got to the Moon by Subway

After being diagnosed with ALS, a curmudgeonly older man, Sol, goes to the hospital with his partner Ben to record a voice bank of phrases and words before he loses the ability to speak.

Carlotta’s Face

Carlotta learns to deal with a rare, untreatable deficit of her brain.