Hidden Man

A young swordsman travels back home to revenge the murder of his master.

Gigantes (Awards Night Film)

Gigantes is a restless, drug-fueled, fast-paced tale of brotherhood and rivalry, where alliances are broken as quickly as they are made, and blood loss and violence reign supreme.


After spending the last decade in turmoil, Marcus resorts to one last option in an attempt to put an end to his mental disarray.

Notti Magiche

Three aspiring screenwriters find themselves as the prime suspects of one of Italy’s biggest film producers in this comedy about the last days of the Golden Age of Italian cinema.

With Love

A quietly affecting, deeply psychological film that doesn’t shy away from asking hard questions, With Love was inspired by the true story of Stephen Marshall, a news story that shook Canadians in 2006.

The Trouble with You

A rip-roaring film full of twists and turns, The Trouble with You knows how to maintain a perfect balance between sweetness and fun.

The Wrecker Kings

The owner of a failing inn and a roadkill collector team up to devise a Bigfoot hoax to draw in tourists; but a Miccosukee Hunter is set to make sure that doesn’t happen.

The Accused

Dolores Dreier is a typical fun-loving high school student — but when her best friend is brutally murdered and Dolores is accused of the crime, her carefree and privileged existence comes to a hard stop.

Ash Is Purest White

In this gangster tale of striking majesty, Qiao will do anything it takes to protect her mobster lover Bin.