An arrogant and ill-mannered basketball coach is sentenced to community service, forced to work with a team of differently-abled players.


An international soccer superstar ends his career in disgrace and sets out on a cosmic odyssey in search of the source of genius.

In the Aisles

A socially awkward young man and his unhappily married co-worker fall in love in the endless aisles of the superstore they work at.

Notti Magiche

Three aspiring screenwriters find themselves as the prime suspects of one of Italy’s biggest film producers in this comedy about the last days of the Golden Age of Italian cinema.


Modern master filmmaker Olivier Assayas probes the foibles of a quartet of middle-age friends caught in the throes of a fast-changing world.


Marga is bored of her routine. That is until something completely unexpected catches her attention, and for the first time in her life, she realizes what she really wants to do.

The Trouble with You

A rip-roaring film full of twists and turns, The Trouble with You knows how to maintain a perfect balance between sweetness and fun.

Off the Rails

It’s the early 1970s in South Florida, and three friends decide to open their own bar without any knowledge or experience in the matter.


When Juanita, a Dominican immigrant, and Mariano, a lonely Spanish farmer, get married, Mariano will have to learn about a whole new country and culture.

Helmet Heads

Faced with the reality of losing both his job and his love, motorcycle messenger Mancha will have to reach deep within to lead his motley group of misfits, dodging usual and unusual obstacles along the way.

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