With Love

A quietly affecting, deeply psychological film that doesn’t shy away from asking hard questions, With Love was inspired by the true story of Stephen Marshall, a news story that shook Canadians in 2006.


Alice purposefully misses her flight home and relishes the temporary sense of freedom that comes with being a stranger in an unfamiliar city.

Raymonde or the Vertical Escape

A lifetime of loneliness has begun to weigh on Raymonde, and she starts asking herself questions about the meaning of things, about God and about her tardy virginity.


A couple is overjoyed to welcome their firstborn son into the world. Euphoria slips away, however, when they return to an unwinnable argument over what name they will give their son


Chloe lives with her paranoid, overprotective father, who is convinced the world outside their doorstep lurks with overwhelming evils aiming to destroy them.

Freaks of Nurture

A conversation between a frustrated daughter and her eccentric mother proves that no matter how old we are, we never stop craving our parents’ love and support.

Giant Little Ones

Franky and Ballas explore the ups and downs of their friendship as they feel the pressures of their last years of high school weighing on them.