After spending the last decade in turmoil, Marcus resorts to one last option in an attempt to put an end to his mental disarray.


In their last year of high school, students in Pahokee, FL, face heartbreak, adversity, pressure, laughter, and love.

Diva & Astro

Diva and Astro follow parallel paths in real time.


Vandal explores the struggle of street artists to keep their art alive as well as the social backlash that goes hand in hand with pursuing their biggest passion.

The Sea

“The Sea” is an experimental short depicting dreams and love.

The Mamboniks

Mad Men meets Buena Vista Social Club in this surprising story about the dancers who fell in love with Cuban Mambo in the 1950s, sparking a dance craze that swept the nation and the world.

Off the Rails

It’s the early 1970s in South Florida, and three friends decide to open their own bar without any knowledge or experience in the matter.


Two best friends risk drifting apart as their neighborhood undergoes drastic changes caused by gentrification.

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