Carlos Librado


Juan Carlos Librado is a Spanish actor and comedian. Even though he started out as a professional soccer player, he soon took a liking towards stage and camera, and has been performing his comedy routines on Paramount Comedy (since 2007) and El Club de la Comedia (since 2009) ever since. As an actor, he has participated in films such as El guardián invisible (2016), El tutor (2018), and the upcoming Legado en los huesos (2019) and Ofrenda en la tormenta (2020). His TV credits include Lontano da te (2018) and Enrique Urbizu’s megahit Gigantes (2018-2019), official selection of Miami Film Festival.

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Juan will be Attending MFF 2019!
Saturday March 09th @ 7:00 PM Olympia Theater