Eugenia Paulicelli is Professor of Italian, Comparative Literature and Women’s Studies at Queens College and the CUNY Graduate Center where she directs Fashion Studies in the Master of Liberal Studies. Her books include Fashion under Fascism: Beyond the Black Shirt (2004); 1960, Un anno in Italia tracultura e spettacolo (2010); Italian Style: Fashion and Film 1914 to the Present (2015) and Writing Fashion in Early Modern Italy: From Sprezzatura to Satire (forthcoming). She is also the editor/co-editor of Moda e Moderno (2006); The Fabric of Cultures: Fashion, Identity, Globalization (2009); the special fashion issue of the Journal of Modern Italian Studies (2014) and the Women’s Studies Quarterly on Fashion (2013).

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Eugenia will be Attending MFF 2019!