MDC’s Tower Theater

The Weight of Water

Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Michael Brown

Country: USA
Language: English

Running Time: 71min
Film Year: 2018
Category: Documentary Achievement Award, Zeno Mountain Award

American athlete Erik Weihenmayer is blind but he has never let it slow him down. In 2001, he became the first blind person to climb the summit of Mt. Everest, for which he was honored with a TIME Magazine cover story. Leading a movement to help people face challenges, he sets up an even more formidable goal involving leaving his family behind to kayak the violent white water rapids of the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River with nothing but the voice of his guide, Harlan, to keep him alive.

In The Weight of Water director Michael Brown masterfully captures Erik’s deep preparation, meticulous precision and growing fear as the rapids ramp up each day. Accompanied by trip-mate Lonnie, another blind kayaker, they will have to ultimately learn from each other and from the powerful waters as they face Lava Falls, the toughest stretch of rapids in the canyon.

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Director: Michael Brown
Producer: Michael Brown
Screenwriter: Aubry Hollingshead, Roxanne Harbitter, Vicky Curtis, Michael Brown
Executive Producer: Julia Buonanno, Erik Weihenmayer, Linda Buonanno
Production Company: Serac Adventure Films

Music: Chris Bacon, Gad Emile Zeitune
Cinematographer: Andy Maser, Michael Brown
Editor: Casey Nay, Ryan Fenson-Hood, Jason Reid, Michael Brown

Cast: Erik Weihenmayer

Michael Brown

Michael Brown is an American filmmaker and cinematographer. He is founder of Serac Adventure Films and work includes Farther Than the Eye Can See (2003), nominated for two Sports Emmy Awards and High Ground (2012). The Weight of Water (2018) premiered at the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival, where it was awarded the Grand Prize.