MDC’s Tower Theater

Patricia Clarkson (Tribute) + The Party (Film)

Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Sally Potter

Country: UK
Language: English

Running Time: 71min
Film Year: 2017
Category: Precious Gem Award, Special Events

Join Academy Award-nominated, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actress Patricia Clarkson as we honor her with the Festival’s prestigious Precious Gem Award in recognition of her incredible acting achievements.

Ms. Clarkson will be attending the award presentation along with participating in an extended onstage conversation about her film career preceding the screening of Sally Potter’s The Party.

Clarkson won the 2019 Golden Globe for her role in Jean-Marc Vallée’s HBO mini-series Sharp Objects, received an Oscar nomination for her pivotal role in Peter HedgesPieces of April (2003) and won 2 Emmy Awards for her work in Alan Ball’s Six Feet Under. In a career spanning more than 30 years of work, Clarkson’s oeuvre is remarkable for her versatility in working with both top independent cinema artists such as Tom McCarthy, Todd Haynes, and Isabel Coixet and popular big-budget mainstream work for directors Martin Scorsese, Brian de Palma, Clint Eastwood and in The Maze Runner trilogy.

In Sally Potter’s fun and funny romp The Party, Patricia Clarkson steals the show with her performance as April — a character full of brains, sheer sexiness and brilliant indifference. Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) is hosting an intimate gathering of friends in her London home to celebrate her political ascension, while her husband, Bill (Timothy Spall), seems preoccupied. Janet’s acerbic best friend, April, arrives and others follow, some with their own dramatic news to share, but an announcement by Bill provokes a series of revelations that gradually unravel the sophisticated soiree, and a night that began with champagne may end badly in this dark comedy of sex, class and politics.


Monday March 4th @ 7:30 PM MDC’s Tower Theater Add to Schedule


Director: Sally Potter
Producer: Christopher Sheppard, Kurban Kassam
Screenwriter: Sally Potter
Executive Producer: Robert Halmi Jr, Jim Reeve, John Giwa-Amu
Production Company: Adventure Pictures

Cast: Patricia Clarkson, Bruno Ganz, Cherry Jones, Emily Mortimer, Cillian Murphy, Kristin Scott Thomas, Timothy Spall

Sally Potter

Sally Potter is an English director of films, TV and opera. Her feature film Orlando (1992), an adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s classic novel of the same name, won her international recognition. Some of her other titles include The Tango Lesson (1996) - nominated for a BAFTA Award for best non-English language film, - The Man Who Cried (2000), Yes (2004), Rage (2009) and Ginger & Rosa (2012). Her films have premiered at some of the most important film festivals. The Party (2017), is her latest feature film.

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