World Premiere


Country: USA
Language: English

Running Time: 8min
Film Year: 2019
Category: Knight Made in MIA Short Film Award

In a near future, women have decided to carve out their own path, not giving men a second thought. As a result, men have resorted to turning to lifelike robots for companionship. One such robot is VAL, who is being prepped for use by Case, a sad, lonely man who is in for more than he thought possible.

This film screens as part of SHORTS 3


Director: Sam Wilder
Producer: Sam Wilder, Yanius Alvarado, Cathleen Dean
Screenwriter: Sam Wilder
Executive Producer: Sam Wilder
Production Company: University of Miami

Music: Bryan Kennard
Cinematographer: Alexandra Santiago
Editor: Sam Wilder

Cast: Janelle Smiley, Adam D. Crain, Sean Jaffe

Sam Wilder

Sam Wilder is a filmmaker based in Miami. He is currently enrolled at the University of Miami in their graduate motion pictures program. “VAL” (2019) marks his directorial debut.