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Shorts 2

Category: Special Presentations

The following short films screen back to back as a collection:



Best friends Alex (Alexandra Jackson) and Milagros (Milagros Gilbert) have been chosen to dance at their housing project’s new groundbreaking ceremony. As they try to rehearse, they have to face intruders, interruptions by construction workers, and bureaucratic red tape. While looking for a space to practice, they have to hold on to the one thing they’ve always counted on: each other.

Shot in location in Liberty Square, the protagonists of “Liberty” risk drifting apart as their neighborhood undergoes drastic changes caused by redevelopment.


Julio chances upon a newspaper scrap that tells the extraordinary story of an American who twice survived attempted electric chair executions. Julio is so deeply impressed that he wants to prove to his fellow townspeople that he could survive the same execution. As the big day looms, he begins to worry that his bravado won’t bring him the sense of respect he craves.


As the American government continues to wage a war against undocumented immigrants, thousands of families are being torn apart, forced to live underground and off the grid, with no safety net to catch their fall. “Malabar” tells the story of Celi, an undocumented mother of two who is trying to rescue her sister from being deported when her youngest son suddenly goes missing during a restroom stop. Unable to turn to the authorities for help, Celi has to embark on a frantic search through the Florida Backcountry to find him.


After spending the last decade in turmoil, Marcus resorts to one last option in an attempt to put an end to his mental disarray. He sits inside his vehicle across the street from a bank, hesitating and waiting. One by one his colleagues enter, some trying to change his mind, others aiming to persuade him to go through with his plan. Which side will Marcus choose, and will he finally succeed? Or will it just be another failure?


A young father (Steven Yeun, on a hot streak as of late with The Walking Dead, Sorry To Bother You and Burning) separated from his wife, takes drastic measures to see his newborn son, who he feels is being unfairly kept from him. However, alliances shift and feelings change as accusations fly in the course of a phone conversation.


Desperately looking for inspiration, a troubled musician struggling to compose a song for his manager canoes deep into a lush river, where he unearths uncanny muses that take over his life.

With minimal use of dialogue and movement-driven narratives, “Zenú” takes viewers on an artist’s surreal journey to find his muse in a world of interrupted wilderness. Filmed in large part from a canoe on and along Miami’s Little River, this compact magical realist film stirs up surprising human-nature relationships, exploring our place in nature and the surreal.


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