The Wrecker Kings

East Coast Premiere

DIRECTED BY Kevin Berriz

Language: English

Running Time: 14min
Film Year: Color
Category: IMDbPro Short Film Award

Along the stretch of highway that cuts through the Florida Everglades, the owner of a failing inn and a roadkill collector team up to devise a Bigfoot hoax to draw in tourists; but a Miccosukee Hunter (Betty Osceola) is set to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“The Wrecker Kings” portray how ideas of ownership, cultural history and environmental purity can move from clashing against each other to ultimately finding a way to co-exist.

This film screens as part of  SHORTS 1 




Director: Kevin Berriz
Producer: Robert Colom
Screenwriter: Kevin Berriz
Executive Producer: Houston Cypress, David Hans Lau
Production Company: Conéme

Music: Kevin Berriz
Cinematographer: Kevin Berriz
Editor: Kevin Berriz

Cast: Betty Osceola, Adam Chefitz, Jeff Malo, Dave Barry

Kevin Berriz

Kevin Berriz is a Cuban-American cinematographer currently based in South Florida. He holds a Master's Degree in Film from the California Institute of the Arts and has lensed short films, music videos and feature films which have won awards as well as distribution through HBO and PBS. “The Wrecker Kings” (2018) marks his directorial debut.