Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Gabriel Villanueva

Country: USA
Language: English

Running Time: 15min
Film Year: 2019
Category: IMDbPro Short Film Award

Marcos and his wife Alma have become afflicted by a bizarre dancing pandemic, which has compelled them (and the other people in town) to dance nonstop for days on end. The good news? Marcos has found a cure within a mysterious fish that can provide relief when prepared for consumption with a certain culinary flair. When a dancing stranger appears at their doorstep near exhaustion and is keen on getting some of the cure for himself, Marcos and Alma realize that their miracle discovery may be nearly impossible to keep a secret.

This film screens as part of  SHORTS 1 


Director: Gabriel Villanueva
Producer: Doug Schultheis, Mara Tasker
Screenwriter: Gabriel Villanueva
Executive Producer: Gabriel Villanueva
Production Company: Rocketrider Pictures

Music: Iliana Rose and Las Chikas, Chris Ryan
Cinematographer: Todd Bell
Editor: Imran J. Khan

Cast: Phillip Garcia, Gemma Marin Royo, Nate Shelkey, Carla Delaney

Gabriel Villanueva

Gabriel Villanueva is a Cuban-American filmmaker originally from Coral Gables, Florida. His films include the shorts “Fish Boy” (2009) and “Out of My Head” (2010). “Cured” (2019) is his latest short film.