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Shorts 1

Category: Special Presentations

The following short films screen back to back as a collection, featuring:



Guillaume is thirty years old and a skilled computer technician, but also a bit of a loner. He has a wonderful relationship with a famous actress, but there is one significant catch: their love affair only exists within the confines of his own computer. When the news reaches him that she has a new partner in real life, Guillaume’s anger at her ”betrayal” leads him to discover he can go on living in his fantasy version of reality by treating her like a computer program he can operate at his own will. Cédric Prévost’s latest film is a pointed satire on technological alienation.


Marcos and his wife Alma have become afflicted by a bizarre dancing pandemic, which has compelled them (and the other people in town) to dance nonstop for days on end. The good news? Marcos has found a cure within a mysterious fish that can provide relief when prepared for consumption with a certain culinary flair. When a dancing stranger appears at their doorstep near exhaustion and is keen on getting some of the cure for himself, Marcos and Alma realize that their miracle discovery may be nearly impossible to keep a secret.


Aaron steals a backpack full of rabbits, which he hopes to sell for cash. An encounter with a lost falcon searching for its falconer beckons him to repent and return to his divine origin. In glistening black and white cinematography, “Hierophany” finds a visual expression of an eternal cerebral struggle to understand the intangible presence of spiritual power in our lives.

ME 3.769

Elaine, a Latina girl living in Miami, is carefully growing into her maturing body and everything associated with growing up. However, her excitement is soon put to a halt when she faces the harsh reality of sexual abuse, brought on by her pregnant aunt’s boyfriend.

In this honest and candid film, director Elaine del Valle portrays the damaging effects of sexual misconduct that women so commonly endure. “Me 3.769” also captures the tone and strength of the #MeToo era.


Someone calls in the middle of the night: desperate lips trying to get forgiveness from a girl they hurt. “The Sea” is an experimental short depicting dreams and love.


In a land mysterious and serene, a gem with a history unknown to most, lies the tale of two brothers as they try to comprehend their current situation amidst a troubling war that has been thrust upon them — the Seminole Wars in 1830. Can Big Brother keep Little Brother from the dark experience they encountered? Or can they both become one and move toward a place of understanding?

With sweeping shots of the Everglades, Montana Cypress captures the timelessness of this wonderland, a space bound to change forever after what could be the last sunset these two brothers will get to witness.


Along the stretch of highway that cuts through the Florida Everglades, the owner of a failing inn and a roadkill collector team up to devise a Bigfoot hoax to draw in tourists; but a Miccosukee Hunter (Betty Osceola) is set to make sure that doesn’t happen.

“The Wrecker Kings” portray how ideas of ownership, cultural history and environmental purity can move from clashing against each other to ultimately finding a way to co-exist.


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