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The Projectionist

World Premiere

DIRECTED BY José Maria Cabral

Country: Dominican Republic, Spain
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: El Proyeccionista

Running Time: 94min
Film Year: 2019
Category: HBO Ibero-American Feature Film Award, Knight Marimbas Award


All his life, Eliseo has brought the magic of movies to the small rural towns in the Dominican Republic countryside via his traveling cinema caravan. When he’s not on the road or putting on a show, Eliseo is entranced by old film reels that he never shows anyone: images of a beautiful young woman he only knows through a projected film reel, a woman whose appearance makes his days brighter and his personal solitude less oppressing. One fateful night, however, the reels are damaged. Eliseo loses the only thing he felt connected to — the projected image of the woman he loves so much.

Determined to finally solve the mystery of the obsession that has ruled his waking life, Eliseo heads out for another cinema tour to one of the most remote and poorest of areas in the Dominican Republic, with only a few visual clues to go on. Unexpectedly, a free-spirited young girl bribes Eliseo into helping her escape one particularly dead-end town, and Eliseo is soon in an adventure that is way out of his emotional comfort zone. Along the way, he will learn that hope should never be lost and blood is thicker than water in more ways than one.


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Director: José Maria Cabral
Producer: Juan Basanta
Screenwriter: José Maria Cabral
Executive Producer: José Maria Cabral, José Maria Cabral A.

Music: Lucas Suárez
Cinematographer: Hernán Herrera
Editor: Nacho Ruiz

Cast: Felix Germán, Cindy Galán

José Maria Cabral

José María Cabral is a Dominican writer, director and producer. His first feature film, Check Mate (2012), was selected as the Dominican entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards. Since then, he has directed Arrobá (2013), Despertar (2014), Detective Willy (2015) and Woodpeckers (2017), which was the first Dominican film ever invited to the Sundance Film Festival, and also an official selection of the Miami Film Festival.