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East Coast Premiere


Country: Guatemala
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: José

Running Time: 85min
Film Year: Color
Category: HBO Ibero-American Feature Film Award

19-year-old José and his doting mother lead impoverished, working class lives in Guatemala City. They keep themselves afloat with small jobs, selling sandwiches illegally and dashing around the city delivering food to drivers. While his mother devotes all her free time to church, José spends his arranging secret meetings on dating apps. That is, until he meets Luis, a construction worker who makes him question and self-reflect on the quiet suffering he has been enduring all his life.

As José discovers a world far more tender and passionate than the culture of violence, sexism and homophobia he has been brought up in, José carefully portrays the clash between a new generation’s evolving attitudes and the traditional culture and beliefs so deeply embedded in Guatemalan society.


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Director: Li Cheng
Producer: George F. Roberson, Li Cheng
Screenwriter: Li Cheng, George F. Roberson
Production Company: YQstudio LLC

Music: Yao Chen
Cinematographer: Paolo Giron
Editor: Lenz Claure

Cast: Enrique Salanic, Manolo Herrera, Ana Cecilia Mota, Esteban Lopez Ramirez, Jhakelyn Waleska Gonzalez, Alba Irene Lemus

Li Cheng

Li Cheng is a Chinese-born director. He found international acclaim with his feature film debut Joshua Tree (2014). His second feature, José (2018), had its world premiere at this year’s Venice Film Festival, where it won the prestigious Queer Lion Award.