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The Infiltrators

Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Alex Rivera, Cristina Ibarra

Country: USA
Language: English, Spanish
Subtitles: English

Running Time: 95min
Film Year: 2019
Category: Documentary Spotlight

Claudio Rojas is suddenly detained by ICE officials outside his own home, and immediately imprisoned at the Broward Transitional Center, a Florida facility employed as a holding space for impending deportations of immigrants who have come into the country illegally. Claudio’s family, terrified and at a loss of what to do, is pointed in the direction of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA), an organization made up of activist DREAMERS. As they work on stopping Claudio’s deportation, NIYA uncovers the truth about the complex workings of the for-profit institutions that detain hundreds of immigrants without trial.

A look into the horrid reality of an Obama-era immigration detention system, The Infiltrators is a based-on-true-events hybrid documentary-fiction film, providing important and powerful commentary on the awful conditions immigrants face while unfairly detained and holding no power over their future.


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Director: Alex Rivera, Cristina Ibarra
Producer: Cristina Ibarra, Darren Dean, Daniel J. Chalfen
Screenwriter: Alex Rivera, Aldo Velasco
Executive Producer: Steve Cohen, Paula Froehle, Lagralane Group, Ken Nolan, Christina Nolan, Ken Pelletier, Katy Drake Bettner, Jim Butterworth
Production Company: 3DMC Films

Cinematographer: Lisa Rinzler
Editor: Randy Redroad, Alex Rivera, Aldo Velasco

Cast: Maynor Alvarado, Chelsea Rendon, Manuel Uriza, Juan Gabriel Pareja, Vik Sahay

Alex Rivera, Cristina Ibarra

Alex Rivera is an American filmmaker. He started his directing career with the short “The Sixth Section” (2003), after which he shot his first feature film, Sleep Dealer (2008). The Infiltrators (2019), which he co-directed with Cristina Ibarra, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

Cristina Ibarra is an American filmmaker. She has worked in both film and television, collaborating with PBS on the documentaries The Last Conquistador (2008) and Las Marthas (2014). The Infiltrators (2019), which she co-directed with Alex Rivera, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.