I Signed the Petition

Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Mahdi Fleifel

Country: Germany, Switzerland, UK
Language: English

Running Time: 11min
Film Year: 2018
Category: IMDbPro Short Film Award

Immediately after a Palestinian man signs an online petition asking Radiohead not to play in Israel, he is thrown into a panic-inducing spiral of self-doubt. Over the course of a phone conversation with a sympathetic friend, he analyzes, deconstructs and interprets the meaning of his choice to take a public political stance.

Guided only by the voices of the two conversing friends, “I Signed the Petition” broaches complex debates on Palestinian identity, the means by which control systems appropriate political acts, and the effectiveness of protest in the face of today’s political landscape.



Director: Mahdi Fleifel
Producer: Patrick Campbell, Mahdi Fleifel
Screenwriter: Mahdi Fleifel
Production Company: Nakba FilmWorks

Cinematographer: Mahdi Fleifel
Editor: Michael Aaglund

Mahdi Fleifel

Mahdi Fleifel is a Danish-Palestinian filmmaker. He was featured in the 30th anniversary of the Miami Film Festival’s “Four World Directors To Watch” program with his first feature-length documentary, A World Not Ours (2012). All three of his subsequent short films have played at the Miami Film Festival: “Xenos” (2014), the Berlin Film Festival-winning “A Man Returned” (2016) and “A Drowning Man” (2017). “I Signed the Petition” (2018) premiered at the Visions du Réel international film festival in Nyon, Switzerland.