Where Chaos Reigns

World Premiere

DIRECTED BY Braulio Jatar, Anaïs Michel

Country: Venezuela
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Running Time: 10min
Film Year: 2019
Category: HBO Ibero-American Short Film Award

The political, economic, and humanitarian crisis Venezuela is going through is unprecedented: social upheaval is rising everyday and chaos reigns on the streets. Thousands are marching everyday, protesting for the rights of the Venezuelan people. Daniella, a young medical student, has rounded up a few of her friends to create a paramedic group called “Green Crosses,” in an effort to help those injured in the clashes. “Where Chaos Reigns” follows her into her turbulent new daily life.

This film screens as part of HBO Ibero-American Short Film Award


Director: Braulio Jatar, Anaïs Michel
Producer: Braulio Jatar
Screenwriter: Braulio Jatar
Executive Producer: Anaïs Michel
Production Company: Anaïs Michel & Braulio Jatar

Music: Monplaisir
Cinematographer: Braulio Jatar
Editor: Anaïs Michel, Braulio Jatar

Cast: Braulio Jatar, Anaïs Michel

Braulio Jatar, Anaïs Michel

Anaïs Michel is a New York City based documentary filmmaker and editor. After finishing her studies between France and New York, she worked as an editor at Vice and HBO, before co-directing her first documentary, “Where Chaos Reigns” (2019), with Braulio Jatar.

Braulio Jatar is a Venezuelan journalist studying documentary filmmaking in New York City. “Where Chaos Reigns” (2019) is his first documentary short, co-directed with Anaïs Michel.