Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Roberto Gutierrez

Country: Venezuela
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English

Running Time: 14min
Film Year: 2018
Category: HBO Ibero-American Short Film Award

Raúl, an old and lonely foley artist, becomes obsessed with his neighbor, a woman he calls Lucy. He records her, collecting the sounds of her daily life, including the moment she throws her cheating husband out of her house. In her vulnerable and sad state, Raúl sees the perfect opportunity to further architect the sounds of Lucy’s life, building onto his imaginary, one-sided relationship with her. But when Lucy allows her husband to come back home, Raúl, delusionally in love with her, crosses the threshold of imagination into real life.

This film screens as part of HBO Ibero-American Short Film Award


Director: Roberto Gutierrez
Producer: Yannine Poleo
Screenwriter: Roberto Gutiérrez, Héctor Torres
Executive Producer: Rafael Ponce, Roberto Gutiérrez
Production Company: El Living

Music: Rubén Gutiérrez
Cinematographer: Marco Mora
Editor: Roberto Gutiérrez

Cast: Luigi Sciamanna, Eloisa Maturen, Elvis Chaveinte

Roberto Gutierrez

Roberto Gutiérrez is a Venezuelan director and cinematographer trained in Motion Graphic Design. “Lucy” (2018) is his short film debut.