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Duck Duck Goose

US Premiere

DIRECTED BY Shelley Thompson

Country: Canada
Language: English

Running Time: 7min
Film Year: 2018
Category: IMDbPro Short Film Award

As a teacher at a sunny elementary school, Annie is used to happy, comfortable days in her classroom. However, all sense of normalcy is disrupted for her in one fell swoop when a school-wide announcement forces her and the young kids in her care to hide in the safety of a too-packed closet.




Saturday March 2nd @ 8:00 PM Silverspot Cinema Add to Schedule


Director: Shelley Thompson
Producer: Sylvia Bell
Screenwriter: Shelley Thompson
Executive Producer: Shelley Thompson
Production Company: Duck Down Productions

Music: Lukas Pearse
Cinematographer: Chelsea Innes, Keith Mitchell
Editor: Colin Macdonald

Cast: Francine Dreschepper, Raigne Umali

Shelley Thompson

Shelley Thompson is a Canadian actress and director. Along with an acting career that spans stage, TV and film projects such as Labyrinth (1986), The Child Remains (2017) and Splinters (2018), she debuted as a director with the shorts “Dawg” (2015), “Bats” (2016), and “Pearls” (2017). Her first feature Dawn, Her Dad & the Tractor is currently in development. Her most recent short film, “Duck Duck Goose” (2018), won the Best Short Award at the Atlantic Film Festival FIN.

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