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North American Premiere

DIRECTED BY Clara Linhart, Fellipe Barbosa

Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: English

Running Time: 95min
Film Year: 2018
Category: HBO Ibero-American Feature Film Award

On an estate in the Brazilian countryside, an upper middle class family gathers to celebrate New Year’s Day, 2003. Politics seems very far away, even though it’s the dawn of a new era: Lula, the politician who rose from the working class to be elected president of Brazil, is just assuming leadership of the country. But this is on everybody’s mind, even if they are not talking about it.

Laura, the imposing matriarch, presides over the boisterous company of her two adult sons, spouses, grandchildren, friends of the family, a hunky tennis coach, groundskeepers and kitchen staff. As in any big family, cheerful laughter and alcohol-fueled tension go hand-in-hand, and the particular carnality of the Brazilian culture provides a heightened sense of arousal to the proceedings. A big holiday allows everyone a chance to reflect on their joys and disappointments in life, including the family’s hired help, startled into a new consciousness by Lula’s unexpected ascendancy.

Equal parts family and political drama, Domingo is a great reflection on transition and change, all the while taking a sly and subtle look into the classism of Brazilian society.


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Director: Clara Linhart, Fellipe Barbosa
Producer: Marcello Ludwig Maia, Yohann Cornu
Screenwriter: Lucas Paraizo
Executive Producer: Pimenta Jr.
Production Company: República Pureza, Gamarosa, Damned Films

Cinematographer: Louise Botkay
Editor: Waldir Xavier

Cast: Itala Nandi, Camila Morgado, Augusto Madeira, Martha Nowill, Michael Wahrmann, Ismael Caneppele, Silvana Silvia, Clemente Viscaino

Clara Linhart, Fellipe Barbosa

Clara Linhart is a Brazilian filmmaker. She was part of the director ensemble for Rio em chamas (2014), and made her solo debut as a director with the documentary La Manuela (2017). Domingo (2018), which she co-directed with Fellipe Barbosa, world premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

Fellipe Barbosa is a Brazilian filmmaker. He began his career with the short films “La muerte es pequeña” (2005) and “Salt Kiss” (2007), after which he shot the documentary Laura (2011). He has directed the features Casa Grande (2014) and Gabriel and the Mountain (2017), the latter of which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. Domingo (2018), which he co-directed with Clara Linhart, World Premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

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