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DIRECTED BY Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt

Country: Portugal
Language: Portuguese
Subtitles: English

Running Time: 92min
Film Year: 2018
Category: Jordan Ressler First Feature Film Award

An international soccer superstar loses his special touch and ends his career in disgrace. Searching for a new purpose, he sets out on a cosmic odyssey in search of the source of genius. African refugees, right-wing extremists, fake nuns, and real evil sisters are just some of the folks who Diamantino encounters on his quest for answers.

This wild, genre-bending film is full of big idea and surprises, amusing audiences hungry for fresh and punchy stories.


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Director: Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt
Producer: Justin Taurand, Maria João Mayer, Daniel van Hoogstraten
Screenwriter: Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt
Executive Producer: Daniel van Hoogstraten
Production Company: Les Films du Bellier, Maria & Mayer, Syndrome Films

Music: Ulysse Klotz, Adriana Holtz
Cinematographer: Charles Ackley Anderson
Editor: Raphaelle Martin-Holger, Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt

Cast: Carloto Cotto, Cleo Tavares, Anabela Moreira, Margarida Moreira, Carla Maciel, Filipe Vargas

Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt

Gabriel Abrantes was born in North Carolina in 1984. His short films include "A Brief History of Princess X" (2015), "The Hunchback" (2016) and "The Artificial Humors" (2016), which have premiered at renowned Film Festivals such as the Berlinale, Locarno Film Festival, the Venice Biennial and the Toronto International Film Festival. His first collaboration with Daniel Smith was with Palaces of Pity (2011). He currently lives and works in Lisbon.

Daniel Schmidt was born in New Haven, Connecticut in 1984. His short films include "A History of Mutual Respect" (2010), "Palaces of Pity" (2011), which marked his first collaboration with Gabriel Abrantes, and "The Unity of All Things" (2013). His films have also premiered at some of the most important film festivals in the world. He currently lives in Lisbon.