MDC’s Tower Theater

Coming Home: Colombia

Florida Premiere

DIRECTED BY Eric Narciandi

Country: Colombia, USA
Language: English

Running Time: 64min
Film Year: 2019
Category: Documentary Achievement Award

Miami’s own DJ EFN’s Coming Home series follows his Crazy Hood crew from country to country exploring the international scope of hip hop culture. For the fifth edition in the documentary series (and the first to appear at Miami Film Festival) the team explores the hip hop scene in Colombia.

Featuring hip hop artists La Etnnia, Crack Family, MC Killer, Flavor Coast b-boys, Clika Underground and more, the Coming Home team discovers there’s more to Colombia than ordinary pop culture would lead us to believe.

Complimentary pre-screening cocktails courtesy of Colombian White. Must be 21-years-old or older to receive cocktail.

Preceded by PA’LANTE


Wednesday March 6th @ 9:15 PM MDC’s Tower Theater Add to Schedule


Director: Eric Narciandi
Producer: Eric Narciandi, Michael Garcia, Oscar Montes, Anthony Uribe, Carlos Gonzalez
Screenwriter: Carlos Gonzalez, Eric Narciandi
Executive Producer: Eric Narciandi
Production Company: Crazy Hood Film Academy, LLC

Music: BeatsNdaHood, Wrekonize, Locos Por Juana, Itawe, DJ EFN, NonMS, ¡Mayday!, La Etnnia, Crack Family, Hazardis Soundz, The Guild
Cinematographer: Anthony Uribe, Ainkosi Victor
Editor: Carlos Gonzalez

Cast: Eric Narciandi, Paul Londono, Charles Guirola-Ribeiro, Adrian Enningham, Oscar Montes, Christian Rodriguez

Eric Narciandi

DJ EFN is a Cuban-American from Miami. He is co-creator/host of the popular Drink Champs podcast/television show currently broadcasted on Revolt TV. In 2012, EFN co-founded Crazy Hood Film Academy and produced his first feature film, a documentary account of the hip-hop scene in Cuba, Coming Home. That film was followed by four sequels, of which Coming Home: Colombia (2019) is the latest production in the series.