A Fishes’ Recall

North American Premiere

DIRECTED BY Christian Mejia Carrascal

Country: Colombia
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Original Title: La Memoria de los Peces

Running Time: 15min
Film Year: 2018
Category: HBO Ibero-American Short Film Award

Aníbal, an old and sickly fisherman, returns to his hometown after having fled many years back, on the run of a horrible massacre that destroyed all that he held dear. In the heart of La Ciénaga de Magdalena, right by the Caribbean coast, Nueva Venecia awaits him, with its stilt houses and murky waters. He will have to face his past to deal with the trauma he has carried with him ever since.

This film screens as part of HBO Ibero-American Short Film Award


Director: Christian Mejia Carrascal
Producer: Daniela Melo Caipa
Screenwriter: Christian Mejia Carrascal, Andres Velez Cuervo
Executive Producer: Christian Mejia Carrascal, Daniela Melo Caipa, Andres Velez Cuervo
Production Company: Oveja Electrica

Music: Juan Sebastian Bastos
Cinematographer: Andres Morales Duarte
Editor: Carlos R. Bonell, Christian Mejia Carrascal

Cast: Jose

Christian Mejia Carrascal

Christian Mejía Carrascal is a Colombian director. His credits include the shorts "Contigo" (2012) and "Loftus" (2017). He is also a professor at Universidad Central de Bogotá. "A Fishes’ Recall" (2019) is his latest short film.