The Infiltrators

A look into the harsh reality of an Obama-era immigration detention system.

Eliades Ochoa: From Cuba to the World

He became known the world over in the late 90s as an original member of legendary Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club, but Eliades Ochoa’s passion for his country’s musical heritage led him to pursue a life dedicated to music much earlier than that.

This Is Not Berlin

Best friends Carlos and Gera are introduced into the Mexican post-punk underground nightlife.


An arrogant and ill-mannered basketball coach is sentenced to community service, forced to work with a team of differently-abled players.


Raúl, a retired foley artist, becomes obsessed with the sounds of his neighbor’s life.

Gigantes (Awards Night Film)

Gigantes is a restless, drug-fueled, fast-paced tale of brotherhood and rivalry, where alliances are broken as quickly as they are made, and blood loss and violence reign supreme.

Where Chaos Reigns

A Venezuelan student creates a paramedic group to help those injured in street marches.


A daughter yearns for a sign of her mother’s approval.

A Fishes’ Recall

An old man returns to his hometown many years after a traumatic tragedy forced him to leave.

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