An international soccer superstar ends his career in disgrace and sets out on a cosmic odyssey in search of the source of genius.

Divine Love

Brazil, 2027. A civil servant tries to make sense of her life as evangelicalism rules over every single aspect of society.


A wealthy Brazilian family gathers on an estate in the countryside as a new era dawns upon them with the instatement of working class politician Lula as president of their country.


Socrates, a resourceful, proud and determined a 15-year-old boy with an inspirational sense of fortitude, is living a hardscrabble life on the margins of São Paulo.

The Orphan

Jonathas lives in an orphanage boy until one day he is adopted by a childless couple. When his new parents get him home, his effeminate mannerisms disturb them and Jonathas gets “returned.”

Florianopolis Dream

A family’s vacation to Florianópolis proves to be just what they need to find their way back to each other.