The Infiltrators

A look into the harsh reality of an Obama-era immigration detention system.

The Tomorrow Man

A self-proclaimed “prepper” faces society’s unacknowledged fear of aging and the erroneous assumption that getting older means losing control.

Score: Haiti

A celebration of Haiti’s passion and love for music.


Screwball looks at doping in major league baseball from the perspective of Miami’s Anthony Bosch, a specialist in performance-enhancing drugs.


When Robert is attacked by three masked men, he will have to reveal a secret that will change all their lives forever.

The Mustang

A mesmerizing character study of a longtime prisoner who struggles to escape his past and rediscover his humanity.

The Moon Never Dies

Leo navigates the complexities of his family relationships and the trials of a changing season.

The Rafter

“The Rafter” tells the incredible story of Reinaldo Cruz, the man widely believed to be the first Cuban refugee to arrive on U.S. shores on a homemade raft.


An undocumented mother of two is faced with her sister’s deportation and her younger son’s disappearance at the same time.

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