When Robert is attacked by three masked men, he will have to reveal a secret that will change all their lives forever.

Face in Salt

Desperate to connect to a British girl adorned with images of nationalistic pride, a young man invites her on a late night date.

Is That You?

After her father disappears, 13-year old Lili carries out a spiritual ritual in the hopes of bringing him back – but something goes terribly wrong.


Yuli is the life story of Cuban ballet legend Carlos Acosta.

Standing Among the Living

Guided by the fear of his present being forgotten, Tyson Conteh films his way through Makeni, capturing the harrowing effects of Ebola on his community and the lives around him.

I Signed the Petition

Over the course of a phone conversation with a sympathetic friend, a man analyzes, deconstructs and interprets the meaning of his choice to take a public political stance.