Eliades Ochoa: From Cuba to the World

He became known the world over in the late 90s as an original member of legendary Cuban band Buena Vista Social Club, but Eliades Ochoa’s passion for his country’s musical heritage led him to pursue a life dedicated to music much earlier than that.

This Is Not Berlin

Best friends Carlos and Gera are introduced into the Mexican post-punk underground nightlife.


Paris, 1979: Anne gets tangled up in the murder investigation of a serial killer who is going after the stars of the third-rate porn she produces.

Jasmines in Lidice

A look into the deep sorrow and messy feelings of the ones who are left behind after violent death hits a family.

The Good Girls

A delicate satire of one women’s refusal to shed her perfect façade as life as she knows it slowly crumbles around her.


Ramin is a young Iranian man living and working illegally in the port city of Veracruz, Mexico, where he slowly begins to recover his own desire for love and friendship.

The Accused

Dolores Dreier is a typical fun-loving high school student — but when her best friend is brutally murdered and Dolores is accused of the crime, her carefree and privileged existence comes to a hard stop.

Buy Me a Gun

In a near-future Mexico where women are disappearing and children are being abducted with frightening impunity, a young girl named Huck wears a mask to hide her gender and defeat the local capo.