A portrait of Colombian legend Fernando Botero, one of the greatest living artists today.

Sorry Angel

Jacques, a solitary writer living in Paris, begins a love affair with young student Arthur.

Perro Bomba

After Steevens helps his friend out with a job, his precariously balanced life is disrupted in a series of unexpected events.

Raymonde or the Vertical Escape

A lifetime of loneliness has begun to weigh on Raymonde, and she starts asking herself questions about the meaning of things, about God and about her tardy virginity.

Journey to a Mother’s Room

Leonor wants to leave home, but her mother, Estrella, doesn’t want her to go. Mother and daughter will have to face a new time in their lives in which the world they share is wavering.

Dear Son

When Riadh and Nazli’s son Sami suddenly disappears, Riadh desperately attempts to trace his footsteps and reach him before he makes an irreversible decision.


Marcello decides to stand up for his own dignity when the petty criminal schemes of the local bully, Simoncino, bring him to a breaking point.

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