Paris, 1979: Anne gets tangled up in the murder investigation of a serial killer who is going after the stars of the third-rate porn she produces.

The Harvesters

When Janno’s mother brings Pieter home, a dangerous fight for power, heritage and parental love will change both boys’ lives forever.

Wandering Girl

12 year old Ángela is introduced to the beautiful and exciting world of womanhood on a roadtrip with her three half-sisters.


In 1970s Argentina, a series of seemingly unrelated events hit a middle-class couple’s picture perfect family all at once.


Modern master filmmaker Olivier Assayas probes the foibles of a quartet of middle-age friends caught in the throes of a fast-changing world.

Golden Youth

A young couple move to Paris at the height of the Palace years.

The Most Beautiful Couple

The Most Beautiful Couple is a complex story about revenge, intimacy, and trust. In his blind eagerness to follow the man responsible for his and Liv’s trauma, Malte puts his marriage, rebuilt with such care and on such fragile ground, to the test once more.


A skilled computer technician has a one-sided love affair with a famous actress.

The Trouble with You

A rip-roaring film full of twists and turns, The Trouble with You knows how to maintain a perfect balance between sweetness and fun.

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