A mesmerizing variety of powerful works from around the world competing for a Grand Jury Prize of $40,000 in cash, courtesy of Knight Foundation. The Award is given to the film that best exemplifies richness and resonance for cinema’s future, named for the marimba, a variation of a xylophone that originated in Central America and produces a deeper, richer and more resonant tone.


As the Kingdom of Pei prepares a triumph over a rival kingdom, its military commander has to ward off enemies inside the palace walls, too.


A chance encounter morphs into a mystery in Lee Chang-dong’s Burning, when a mysterious man named Ben confesses a dark secret hobby.

The Good Girls

A delicate satire of one women’s refusal to shed her perfect façade as life as she knows it slowly crumbles around her.

Divine Love

Brazil, 2027. A civil servant tries to make sense of her life as evangelicalism rules over every single aspect of society.

Notti Magiche

Three aspiring screenwriters find themselves as the prime suspects of one of Italy’s biggest film producers in this comedy about the last days of the Golden Age of Italian cinema.


Modern master filmmaker Olivier Assayas probes the foibles of a quartet of middle-age friends caught in the throes of a fast-changing world.

The Nightingale

With The Babadook, Jennifer Kent brought us an instant horror classic that used a storybook monster as a vessel to…

Golden Youth

A young couple move to Paris at the height of the Palace years.

The Projectionist

All his life, Eliseo has brought the magic of movies to the small rural towns in the Dominican Republic countryside via his traveling cinema caravan. When he’s not on the road or putting on a show, Eliseo is entranced by old film reels that he never shows anyone: images of a beautiful young woman he only knows through a projected film reel, a woman whose appearance makes his days brighter and his personal solitude less oppressing.

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