The year’s most brilliant works from the Ibero-American world, competing for a Grand Jury Prize $10,000 cash, courtesy of HBO.

This Is Not Berlin

Best friends Carlos and Gera are introduced into the Mexican post-punk underground nightlife.


An arrogant and ill-mannered basketball coach is sentenced to community service, forced to work with a team of differently-abled players.

Wandering Girl

12 year old Ángela is introduced to the beautiful and exciting world of womanhood on a roadtrip with her three half-sisters.


In 1970s Argentina, a series of seemingly unrelated events hit a middle-class couple’s picture perfect family all at once.

Following You

Marcos has to navigate bullying and an unrequited crush as animosity against him grows at his high school.


A single mom’s world comes crashing down when she receives an urgent call from her son’s school.

The Good Girls

A delicate satire of one women’s refusal to shed her perfect façade as life as she knows it slowly crumbles around her.

Divine Love

Brazil, 2027. A civil servant tries to make sense of her life as evangelicalism rules over every single aspect of society.


A wealthy Brazilian family gathers on an estate in the countryside as a new era dawns upon them with the instatement of working class politician Lula as president of their country.

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