A vibrant and dynamic selection of narrative works, from both accomplished and emerging filmmakers around the world, includes an international selection of dramas, comedies, suspense thrillers and innovative docudramas.

The Tomorrow Man

A self-proclaimed “prepper” faces society’s unacknowledged fear of aging and the erroneous assumption that getting older means losing control.


Screwball looks at doping in major league baseball from the perspective of Miami’s Anthony Bosch, a specialist in performance-enhancing drugs.


When Robert is attacked by three masked men, he will have to reveal a secret that will change all their lives forever.

The Mustang

A mesmerizing character study of a longtime prisoner who struggles to escape his past and rediscover his humanity.


Paris, 1979: Anne gets tangled up in the murder investigation of a serial killer who is going after the stars of the third-rate porn she produces.

In the Aisles

A socially awkward young man and his unhappily married co-worker fall in love in the endless aisles of the superstore they work at.

Hotel Mumbai

Hotel Mumbai tells the harrowing true story of the 2008 Mumbai terrorists attack on the famed Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

Hidden Man

A young swordsman travels back home to revenge the murder of his master.

With Love

A quietly affecting, deeply psychological film that doesn’t shy away from asking hard questions, With Love was inspired by the true story of Stephen Marshall, a news story that shook Canadians in 2006.

Standing Among the Living

Guided by the fear of his present being forgotten, Tyson Conteh films his way through Makeni, capturing the harrowing effects of Ebola on his community and the lives around him.

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